Longrich Seabuckthorn Berry Oil Soft Capsule


Best Antioxidant Supplement from Perfect Combination with science-technology and natural plant..

1. Completely Natural. Sea buckthorn is a 100% natural product extracted from the seeds of sea buckthorn. It contains VE that is more than 100 tims stronger than synthetic VE

2.High Enrichment. One ton of sea buckthorn seeds extracted from 20 tons of sea buckthorn berries.

3. Advanced Extraction Technology. Sea buckthorn berry oil uses internationally advanced, supercritical CO2 extracting technology during production. Effectively protecting the active ingredients in the material so they cannot be damaged it has a high extraction rate and high purity;

4.Sea buckthorn Ganzhifu, the main ingredient being sea buckthorn seed oil, which contains relatively more unsaturated fatty acids, is effective in liver care.

  • PV Value

    30 PV

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